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What the River Says by Mariella Bisson
September 2 - October 26, 2019

Mariella Bisson is a painter of nature's force and beauty.  She makes paintings in mixed media on linen or on wood panel and works on paper in watercolor, collage, printmaking and drawing.

Mariella Bisson’s transformative Artwork brings a viewer to all the places she’s been.  Her signature bold compositions and color arrangements can be subtle while compelling.  Her highly inventive use of collage brings forth a tactile surface experience reflecting what one might encounter in the forest, such as tree bark or stone.  Bisson’s paintings, far more than pictures, are places of calm meditation.

Two monoprints in this show "Following a River" and "What the River Says" were inspired by the poetry of William Stafford, Poet Laureate of Oregon (1975 -1990),  from his book "Ask Me"




formatting Waterfall_ Ochre Rocks
Waterfall, Ochre Rocks
formatting The Rocks_ The River_ You and Me
The Rocks, The River, You and Me
formatting Whaat the River Says
What the River Says
formatting Palenville_ Upper Falls from South Side
Palenville, Upper Falls from South Side
formatting Blue Winter Sky
Blue Winter Sky
formatting Tree Holds On
Tree Holds On
formatting Following a River
Following a River
formatting Waterfall_ cliff
Waterfall, Cliff
formatting Plattekill Creek Falls
Plattekill Creek Falls
formatting Palenville_ Waterfall in Rays of Light
Palenville, Waterfall in Rays of Light
formatting Gravity_ Fallen Stone slab at Plattekill Falls
Gravity, Fallen Stone Slab at Plattekill Falls, 2018
formatting Cedar Trees_ Mountain cliff_ Lake Willoughby_ Vermont
Cedar Trees, Mountain Cliff, Lake Willoughby, Vermont, 2018
formatting Take Me to the River
Take Me to the River
formatting Piney Point
Piney Point
formatting Forest Falls_ Double Arc
Forest Falls, Double Arc
formatting Upstream_ Downstream
Upstream, Downstream
formatting Waterfall_ Wide and Bright
Waterfall, Wide and Bright
formatting Plattekill Falls_ Cliff_ Water and Sunshine
Plattekill Falls, Cliff, Water and Sunshine
formatting Swimming in Ink_ the Blue Hole
Swimming in Ink, the Blue Hole
formatting Waterfall in a Yellow Wood
Waterfall in a Yellow Wood
formatting Red Rocks_ Blue Skies From Now on
Red Rocks, Blue Skies From Now on
formatting Red Rocks_ As Above_ So Below
Red Rocks, As Above, So Below
formatting Pedernal_ When first We Met
Pedernal, When first We Met
formatting Water Has Ways
Water Has Ways

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